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28 Day aged Local Black Mountain Welsh Beef. 5 lb of Best mince 5 lb of Chuck steak 5 lb of shin of Beef All freshly cut and vacuum packed in 1 lb...

28 day aged well marbled which makes these steaks elegantly flavoured always a satisfying taste.

28 day aged great all-rounder tasty melt in the mouth succulence. Grill fry or BBQ. Steak and perfectly cooked homemade chips.....hmmm...... my...

Local Welsh Black Mountain Steak lovers Box. Well Hung, delicious and intense, full of flavor a must for all steak lovers to indulge and enjoy. Each box...

Large 15 kg Local Black Mountain Welsh Beef Box - Contains 1 x 1.5 kg Topside Roasting Beef 1 x 1.5 kg Silverside Roasting Beef 1 x 1.5 kg Rolled Brisket...

Indulge. 28 day aged to make this a rich and meltingly tender steak.

Traditional roasting joint on the bone succulent and sweet in flavour.

Hungry then this is the one for you. Succulent and considered one of the tastiest steaks. 28 day mature, Hand trimmed rib eye steak on the bone each...

Slices belly pork and crispy crackling!! . Something different sprinkle on some salt, fennel seed and chilli flakes then cook slowly. Available 4 slices...

Old favourite delicious flavour. Traditionally used for Pot roasting and slow roasting today its becoming more and more versatile popular for pulled beef,...

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Dinner party this is the best of all the Sunday roasts. Easy to carve tender and flavoursome matured for 28 days.