Cashells Own Homemade Sausages & Bacon

Here at Cashells, we want to make sure that your choices are no longer limited to pork, beef or the good old combination of pork and beef sausages.

Whilst we remain loyal to the same principles of sausage making where we still strive to make and mix our very own products by hand, we have come up with a number of homemade sausages that feature some of your favourite herbs and spices. What's more, we stick to maintaining the same quality ingredients in our sausage variations as we strongly believe that 'what you put in, you get out'.

Ultimately, the cuts we use to make our bacon and sausages come from the legs, shoulders and belly parts of our local pigs, lamb and Black Mountain Welsh beef. This is to ensure you get the high-quality goodness of our free range, grass fed local meats.

Our sausages vary in size. Whether you want them to be a part of your everyday breakfast or as a special serving for your upcoming Sunday lunch, our homemade sausages and bacon will become one of your new favourites.

Start browsing through our different flavours below.