Local Welsh Pork

With a commitment to provide the best quality meat, we pride ourselves with our free-range Welsh pork. Predominantly sourced from local farmers within Crickhowell, Abergavenny and the surrounding areas, the pigs are nurtured in a natural environment using traditional and modern methods of farming.

As they are reared in an open range, the pigs mature naturally in comparison to those confined in an enclosed concrete pen. In addition to this, they are not given additives or growth promoters. This gives the meat a more succulent flavour, which is not found in mass-produced pork.

Our artisan butchers can prepare cuts of pork for any dish you are preparing. We have pork tenderloins that can be sliced as medallions, belly pork joints that are perfect for roasting as well as shoulder and leg portions that can give crispy crackling.

Here at Cashells, you can pick up your meat from our shop in Crickhowell or have it delivered right to your doorstep. The product will be vacuum-packed in a clear pouch to keep the product fresh. Order our free-range Welsh pork today and be amazed with its exceptional taste.