History of Cashells - Butchers in Crickhowell, UK

Cashells of Crickhowell - Local Welsh Butchers

Local butcher supporting local Welsh farmers for over 35 years. We have developed close relationships with our local farmers within Crickhowell and surrounding areas.

We share the same desire and passion to produce quality Welsh beef and Welsh lamb, with high standards of animal welfare from pasture to plate.

Combining their expert knowledge and experience of farming along with our knowledge and experience of butchery we’d like to think we have some of the best tasting local Welsh beef and local Welsh lamb.

Local Black Mountain Welsh Beef

In the Brecon Beacons National Parks not three miles from Crickhowell and within the foothills of the Black Mountains is Neuadd Fawr.

For three generations the Rees family have been farming the Black Mountains in Llanbedr. Ensuring they nurture the natural environment combining and using traditional and modern methods of agricultural farming they continue to produce year on year happy and healthy animals, continuing high standards of animal welfare in the return quality Welsh beef.

Free range, grass fed and reared slowly to natural maturity, the herd of the Native South Devon's X Aberdeen Angus cattle roam around various pastures on the foothills of the Black Mountains. Home grown maize and barley is given to finish the cattle off ensuring a consistent and flavoursome taste.

You are what you eat, what we put in you get out.

We source local Welsh beef from other trusted farms in Crickhowell who share the same aspiration to supply quality Welsh beef and maintain high standards of animal welfare. This year we have also stocked the native Welsh Black. We have always looked to support our local Welsh farmers as we have done for 35 years we do however source Welsh beef from within Wales and occasionally buy British beef.