Local Black Mountain Welsh Beef - Fillet Steak


Make every dining experience extra-special with our fine selection of Local Black Mountain Welsh Beef - Fillet Steak. A rarely used muscle from the lower middle back, the fillet is known for its exceptional tenderness and is served thicker compared to other cuts.

Create a sumptuous protein-rich feast at home by grilling or frying your Welsh beef fillet steak in a pan or griddle. Complement it with a dollop of pesto, barbeque sauce, ghee or mushroom sauce and a serving of fresh side salad or roasted vegetables and you are off to steak perfection. Pop a bottle of your favourite dry red wine and pour yourself a glass to celebrate all of life's little victories.

Cashells Butchers and Delicatessen offers premium Welsh beef in a range of different cuts. Each traditionally hung for three weeks to achieve an exquisite rich taste and flavour. Everything is also guaranteed organic and sourced only from healthy grass-fed cows that graze on verdant pastures.

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It is available in 168 grams, 225 grams, 285 grams and 500 grams. We’ll

deliver your orders freshly cut and neatly packed ready for freezer


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