Chopped beef meat on top of a wooden chopping board with a silhuette of a cow on the side and a text that says Beef Products

Local Black Mountain Welsh Beef

Welsh Black beef offers a superior taste compared to most commercial beef on the UK market today. Our free-range cattle feed on grass from our fields, making them happy and healthy. This organic diet gives them nutritional benefits such as reduced total fat, more omega 3 fatty acids, as well as important vitamins and minerals.

Our beef is traditionally hung on the bone for 3 weeks in dry conditions to obtain a fuller flavour. This also gives adequate time for the excess moisture to come out whilst tenderising the meat. To ensure the best quality, it can take up to 28 days before our traditional butchers trim, prepare and vacuum pack the beef for our customers.

We offer different cuts of meat according to your preference. We have diced Welsh Beef for slow cooking stews and casseroles, roasting beef for a traditional Sunday roast, hand-trimmed rib eye steak, minced lean beef for burgers and various other cuts that will not disappoint.

Here at Cashells, you can rest assured that your orders will arrive on your doorstep fresh, and frozen if you wish. Your family will enjoy our flavourful and juicy Local Welsh Black Mountain beef.

Dinner party this is the best of all the Sunday roasts. Easy to carve tender and flavoursome matured for 28 days.

Old favourite delicious flavour. Traditionally used for Pot roasting and slow roasting today its becoming more and more versatile popular for pulled...

28 day aged perfect roasted slowly for a traditional Sunday roast. Serve with tracklements hot horseradish sauce or English mustard.

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Diced ready for slow cooking stew and casseroles. Rich and strong flavours cooked slowly the meat will fall apart Available in 500g packs.