Local New Seasons Welsh Spring Lamb - Guard of Honour

Meat can be an art form as evidenced by the decorative guard of honour. This dish can serve as the perfect centrepiece for any special occasion.

A typical rack of lamb is cut perpendicular to the spine and includes ribs 6 through 12. This is often sold individually wherein it is sawed lengthwise and includes only one side.

Generally, a ‘hotel rack’ has 6 chops but there are cases where there can be 7 ribs. This can then be cut into as many chops as there are bones in it.

A rack is often French trimmed, that is, excess fat and meat are removed to make the tips of the bones more prominent. Usually, the top 5 centimetres are exposed with around 7 centimetres of bone beyond the muscle left on the rack.

When two of these Frenched racks are placed together with the tips interlinked, you will get the guard of honour. One rack of lamb is delectable in and of itself. When you have two, you get double the impact as well.

We at Cashells Butchers offer Local New Seasons Welsh Spring Lamb in a Guard of Honour arrangement. We have it ready for the oven with little chef hats for decoration.


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