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A variety of beef, lamb and pork produce

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Simply a roasting joint that’s easy to carve. We use this cut in the shop for our roast pork, rub some salt in first and pop in the oven. Great...

Delicious sliced as medallions or roasted as a joint. Looks elegant and tastes divine.

Small Local Black Mountain Welsh Beef Box - contains 1 x topside Roasting Joint 2 x Sirloin Steaks 2 x Pinbone (Rump) Steaks 2 x Best Mince 2 x Diced...

Best mince prepared using only the leanest cuts of beef. Bolognese, chillies or burgers you won’t be disappointed. Available in 500g packs

Cashells Own Homemade Black Pudding Perfect addition to any full English Breakfast. 4 slices per pack

Chops with handles as my kids like to call these!! Sweet and succulent ideal for grilling, perfect on the BBQ. Average weight .130g

Meat can be an art form as evidenced by the decorative guard of honour. This dish can serve as the perfect centrepiece for any special occasion....

Boned and rolled to make this roast easy for you to carve and enjoy. My favourite joint of lamb, sweet and succulent.

Grilled or roasted a sweet and tasty delicious midweek supper. Available 2 chops per pack average weight .560g

Simply wonderful perfect for a dinner party. Easy to cook and cut into cutlets. Each rack of lamb is 6 ribs and French trimmed. Average weight .450g...

Different recipes call for different cuts of Welsh beef. Knowing which cuts can be slow-cooked or flash-fried can make all the difference to the flavour and...

Perl Wen, meaning white pearl, is one of Wales’ most loved soft cheeses. Created by the renowned Caws Cenarth cheese-making family on Glyneithinog Farm in...