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  • Thick-cut gammon steak (380g)


    Beautifully lean and packed with sweet, meaty flavour, our thick-cut gammon steaks make a quick and easy midweek meal and are a big favourite with Lucy Richards on our deli counter. “My hubby and young daughter love these with chips and a fried egg, but they’re also delicious grilled or pan fried with new potatoes, peas and home-made parsley sauce. Sold individually (approx. weight 380g).

  • Maiflour Bakery Small Low-GI Loaf


    From Crickhowell's lovely local Maiflour Bakery, this low-GI loaf is specially formulated with slow-release carbohydrates. A really tasty option - and ideal if you need to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels.

  • Maple-cured shortback bacon (500g)

    Infused with the luscious taste of sweet maple syrup, this succulent shortback bacon has a really rich, rounded flavour. It's made from quality British pork and expertly cured so it crisps up beautifully and doesn't shrink in the pan. Perfect for luxury bacon butties and in quiches and pasta bakes. Choose from medium or thin cut in 500g packs.
  • Maiflour Bakery Large White Loaf


    From Crickhowell's lovely local Maiflour Bakery, a classic fresh-baked Large White Loaf: great for sandwiches and toast.

  • Pork Cumberland sausages x 6 (550g)

    Our Cumberland sausages are a real taste of tradition – the classic combination of pepper and sage, with a zingy hint of ginger and parsley. In fact, they’re Arran Cashell’s favourite: “With creamy mash and plenty of gravy, you can’t beat them: classic comfort food.” As with all our sausages, we make them by hand, using select cuts of British pork – mostly shoulder and leg – and no squeaky bits. And we mince the meat twice for a really succulent texture.
  • Welsh dragon pork sausages x 6 (550g)

    Named for the red dragon of Cadwaladr on our national flag, these rosy pork sausages have more than a hint of spicy fire. We make them by hand, using select cuts of British pork (so no dragons have been harmed in their making!). And we mince the meat twice for extra succulence, adding leeks – naturally – and a feisty blend of ginger, coriander and chilli. Perfect if you like a bit of spice.
  • Black pudding x 4 slices (225g)

    Laced with onion and aromatic thyme, our savoury black pudding is a breakfast essential – but equally at home in hearty stuffings, crumbled over mash, or pan fried and served up with scallops as part of a posh supper menu. We make our puddings by hand, stirring in succulent chunks of roasted beef fat and diced bacon for extra richness and a hint of smoky flavour.
  • Maiflour Bakery Large Wholemeal Loaf


    From Crickhowell's lovely local Maiflour Bakery, this Large Wholemeal Loaf is a great high-fibre choice: nutty tasting and wholesome.

  • Duck eggs x 6

    Richly flavoured duck eggs. Perfect for breakfast!