Free-Range Christmas Cockerel


Please pre-order by Saturday 4 December.
You can collect your order from 22 December until 4pm on Christmas Eve.

A meaty Free-Range Christmas Cockerel is just the job if you prefer the taste of chicken to turkey, but still want plenty to go round. Ours come from the Mee family in Herefordshire. They’ve been farming poultry for more than 50 years, and their free-range birds are reared in small flocks to the same high-welfare standards as their Soil Association-certified Organic poultry. So from dawn to dusk, the cockerels roam freely, foraging and dustbathing in grassy fields, and at night they’re safely housed in airy barns, with plenty of space to move around and stretch their wings. And because they grow slowly and naturally to full maturity, and lead such active, healthy lives, the result is a really succulent, well-muscled bird, with plump legs and plenty of richly flavoured breast meat.

See below for our guide to choosing the right size bird.

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Weight Serves
2.5-2.7kg 5-6
3-3.2kg 6-7
3.3-3.6kg 7-8