Free-Range Goose

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Please pre-order by Saturday 4 December. 
You can collect your order from 22 December until 4pm on Christmas Eve.

A real taste of tradition, our Free-Range Goose is the ultimate festive bird. The meat is darker and has a much richer flavour than other poultry, and while weight-for-weight it won’t stretch as far as a turkey, as a once-a-year treat it’s hard to beat. Our geese come from the Brisbourne family in Shropshire. Their birds spend their days foraging in grassy fields, growing slowly to full maturity on a natural diet supplemented with potatoes and cereals, including the farm’s own wheat. Then, when it’s time, the birds are processed, dry plucked, and hung for 7-10 days to bring out their full succulence and flavour. 

These geese aren’t cheap (£20.49/kg), and we can only order them in 1kg increments, so to make sure you pay only for the exact weight you receive (including giblets), we’re asking customers for a £10 deposit now and we’ll reinvoice you for the balance once we’ve received and allocated the birds.

See below for our guide to choosing the right size goose.

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