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  • Chicken escalopes x 2 (550g)

    These succulent chicken escalopes are our leanest cut – skinless, boneless and super versatile. Delicious roasted whole wrapped in streaky bacon for a special supper, or simply diced for quick fajitas, vibrant Asian soups and speedy stir fries. Or try our marinated ones for an instant flavour boost: perfect for the barbecue. Sold in packs of 2 (approx. total weight 550g).
  • Whole chicken


    These succulent whole birds are great value and full of flavour. Perfect for a classic Sunday roast. Make use of every last scrap of meat by simmering the picked-over carcass with onions and whatever veg you have to hand to make a hearty soup. Or use it to make chicken stock. See below for our roasting timings and tips.

  • Skinless, boneless chicken thighs x 4 (440g)

    These plump free-range chicken thighs come skinned and boned for convenience ? perfect diced into pies, curries and casseroles, or for speedy stir fries and spicy fajitas. Sold in packs of 4 (approx. total weight 400g).
  • Whole free-range chicken

    Nothing beats the enticing aroma of roast chicken, and these free-range birds are the best we’ve found – succulent and full of good old-fashioned flavour. The birds spend their days foraging in grassy fields, growing slowly and naturally to full maturity so they’re a generous size and there’s plenty of rich-tasting breast and leg meat to go round. Better still, they develop a good layer of fat in the skin, which really boosts the flavour and helps baste the bird as it cooks. We reckon you really can taste the difference. See below for our roasting timings and tips.
  • Chicken thighs x 4 (500g)

    These skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs are our go-to cut for curries and casseroles. And they?re great on the barbecue, too, as the bone helps keep the meat moist. Sold in packs of 4 (approx. total weight 500g).
  • Free-range chicken escalopes x 2 (500g)

    Our leanest cut. Tender, succulent and full of flavour, these free-range chicken escalopes are skinless, boneless and super convenient. We love roasting them in streaky bacon, with creamy Perl Wen blue cheese if we're feeling flash. But they’re equally good simply sliced or diced into spicy Asian soups or stir fries for a healthy, high-protein meal in minutes. Sold in packs of 2 (approx. total weight 500g).
  • Free-range pork & leek sausages x 6 (550g)

    We make these traditional Welsh favourites with fresh leeks and rich-tasting free-range pork from Forest Coalpit Farm just five miles from our door. We use hand-trimmed cuts – mostly leg and shoulder – and no squeaky bits. And we mince the meat twice for extra succulence, adding sweet blanched leeks plus a dash of warming spice to really round out the flavour.
  • Boned & rolled leg of free-range pork


    Our free-range legs of pork are full of flavour, and because they come boned, rolled and hand tied they're easy to carve and a great choice for feeding a crowd. We score the skin ready for roasting: just sprinkle it with salt and blot dry with kitchen towel before cooking for extra-crispy crackling. See How Much Do You Need? below for help choosing the right size joint, and How To Roast Your Pork Joint for timings and tips.

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  • Special-recipe free-range pork & leek sausages x 6 (550g) – made without gluten-containing ingredients*

    We know some of our customers prefer to avoid wheat, so we make these succulent special-recipe* sausages using our fabulous local free-range pork and rice flour instead of traditional rusk. We use hand-trimmed cuts – mostly leg and shoulder – and no squeaky bits. And we mince the meat twice for extra succulence, adding a savoury blend of leek, onion and spices to really round out the flavour. We don’t add preservatives to these sausages, so we supply them frozen to ensure you receive them at their very best. Simply defrost in the fridge overnight before cooking. If left defrosted for more than two days, the sausages may start to lose their pink colour. This doesn’t affect the taste or texture, but they may look less appealing, so it’s best to use them promptly, as with any defrosted food. * While we take every care to exclude wheat and other gluten-containing ingredients when making these sausages, we haven’t had them laboratory tested, so we cannot claim they’re gluten free. welsh icon