Standard Chicken

Our Standard Chicken comes from Soanes Poultry in West Yorkshire. They’re a Great Taste award winner, and their grain-fed birds are reared to high welfare standards, in light, airy barns, with bales to perch on and toys to encourage natural behaviour and social interaction. The result is succulent, tasty chicken, farmed with care. Red Tractor Assured.

Free-Range Chicken

Our fabulous Free-Range Chicken comes from Springfield Poultry in Herefordshire. They’ve been officially organic for 30 years, and they rear their free-range flocks to the same exacting standards as their organic birds. The only difference is the feed.

So the chickens live in small flocks, and spend their days actively foraging in grassy fields. And at night they roost safely in airy sheds with plenty of room to spread their wings. Reared slowly and naturally to full maturity, the result is a really meaty bird, succulent and packed with flavour.

Gressingham Duck

Gressingham Duck is a unique breed developed in the UK back in the late 1980s. It’s a cross between the flavoursome Mallard and the larger Pekin Duck and the result is a really meaty bird with a rich, succulence, making them a firm favourite with top chefs and home cooks alike. Red Tractor Assured.