Free-Range Monmouthshire Pork

Free-Range Monmouthshire Pork 1

Our Free-Range Pork comes from Hafren Rare Breeds, run by Jessi and Chris Stephens in Monmouthshire. Jessi and Chris farm regeneratively near Caldicott, and rear Pedigree Welsh pigs, sometimes known as Welsh Whites. Listed as “at risk” on the rare breeds watch list, these native pigs are a
larger breed and naturally lean, with the perfect ratio of tasty meat to succulent fat.

The Stephens’ pigs spend their lives outdoors foraging in grassy paddocks, except for a brief period when the young piglets are brought in for weaning. They grow slowly to maturity, and as well as natural forage enjoy a nutritious and varied diet, including plenty of fresh fruit and veg, sourced locally where possible.

The result is pork with incredible depth of flavour – unlike anything you’d buy at the supermarket. The meat is darker, too, evidence of the pigs’ active outdoor lives and natural diet. From a butcher’s perspective, the meat is just what we want: the legs, loin and chops are lean and meaty, while the shoulders have a good marbling of fat – ideal for melt-in-the-mouth pulled pork.

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