New Season Lamb Noisette Joint

£10.00 deposit

Please pre-order by close of business on Wednesday 5 April. You can collect your order up to 4:30pm on Saturday 8 April.

Our super-sweet Lamb Noisettes are cut from the “best end” (neck) of the saddle, with each meaty 100g medallion made up of two tender boneless cutlets. Delicious pan fried or grilled. Or try our sumptuous 750g noisette joint – perfect roasted with a fragrant herb stuffing, and at its very best served pink.

How much do you need?

Customers often ask us how much meat they need to allow per person, so we’ve compiled this simple guide. Appetites vary of course, so you may need more if you’re feeding hungry teenagers or the local rugby team.

Boneless stewing cuts: 180g (6oz) per person
Boneless joints: 225g (8oz) per person, plus 450g (1lb)
Bone-in joints: 340g (12oz) per person

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