New Season Lamb Crown Roast

£10.00 deposit

Please pre-order by close of business on Tuesday 26 March. You can collect your order after 2pm each day from Thursday 28 March up until 4pm on Saturday 30 March. 

Our succulent Crown Roast makes an impressive centrepiece for your Easter feast and comes with mini chefs’ hats for a professional finishing touch. It’s formed from two six- or seven-rib racks, French trimmed and tied together to give you 12 or 14 cutlets. And because we cut through the backbone between each cutlet, they’re easy to divide up and serve.
Crown roast tastes best filled with a fruity or herby stuffing. Just fill the cavity, cover the stuffing and ribs with foil, and pop into a preheated oven (200˚C/fan 180˚C/gas 6) for around 40 minutes. When cooked, allow the crown to rest – and don’t forget to add the chefs’ hats before serving! Approx. weight 1.56kg (12 cutlets) or 1.82kg (14 cutlets).

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