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Special Recipe Traditional Thin Pork Sausages x 10 (600g) – made without gluten-containing ingredients*


Created for people who prefer to avoid wheat, our Special Recipe Traditional Thin Pork Sausages, or Chipolatas, are made using rice flour instead of traditional rusk. Quick to cook and especially popular with children, they’re perfect for breakfasts and speedy suppers. As with all our sausages, we make them by hand using select cuts of British pork. And we mince the meat twice for an even consistency, seasoning it with a hint of leek and onion and our special blend of warming spices.

We don’t add preservatives to these sausages, so we supply them frozen to ensure you receive them at their very best. Simply defrost in the fridge overnight before cooking. If left defrosted for more than two days, the sausages may start to lose their pink colour. This doesn’t affect the taste or texture, but they may look less appealing, so it’s best to use them promptly, as with any defrosted food.

* While we take every care to exclude wheat and other gluten-containing ingredients when making these sausages, we haven’t had them laboratory tested, so we cannot claim they’re gluten free.


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