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  • Best beef mince


    We take pride in our mince, using hand-trimmed cuts of beef and just enough fat to add flavour and succulence. We mince the meat twice, so it has a fine, even texture – perfect for making Bolognese sauces, cottage pies and home-made burgers. Sold in 500g packs.

    Buy 2.5kg and save!

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  • Sirloin steak

    Fine-grained and edged with a layer of rich, buttery fat, it’s easy to see why sirloin steaks are so popular. They’re cut from the back of the animal, between the fillet and the rib, and combine tenderness with real depth of flavour. They’re versatile, too: perfect pan fried, grilled or as the highlight of a barbecue. Our sirloin steaks are dry aged on the bone for a full 28 days, and sold individually. Choose from our classic 225g (8oz) steak, hearty 280g (10oz) steak, or our indulgent 340g (12oz) steak.
  • Rump steak


    The bigger muscles of the rump produce steaks that are firmer and less meltingly tender than fillet or sirloin, but make up for this in rich, meaty flavour. And because cattle have large rumps, there’s plenty of it, so these steaks are excellent value for money, too. A great all-rounder, rump steak is good pan fried, grilled, barbecued, or sliced into strips and served in fajitas and stir fries.
    Like all our boneless steaks, our rump steaks are sold individually in a choice of weights. Choose from our regular 225g (8oz) steak, hearty 280g (10oz) steak or indulgent 340g (12oz) steak. Or choose our mighty 600g sharing steak or 1kg family pack.

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  • Beef roasting joint


    Our classic roasting joint, naturally lean and full of rich, beefy flavour. We choose tender topside or silverside for these joints, rolling and tying them with a cap of flavoursome fat to keep the meat moist as it cooks. Delicious served pink, with Yorkshire puddings and a dollop of fiery horseradish sauce. See below for advice on what size joint you need, and how to roast it.

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  • Diced best beef pieces


    Our best beef pieces come from top-quality cuts, including topside, silverside and frying steak and are specially hand trimmed for leanness. Because they're so lean and full of flavour, they're a great choice for steak pies and puddings, or for casseroles and stews with shorter cooking times. Available in 500g packs.

    Buy 2.5kg (5 packs) and save!

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  • Free-range pork loin chops x 2 (650g)


    Our free-range pork loin chops are thick cut and really meaty. They're the pork equivalent of a T-bone, with the main loin muscle on one side of the bone, and a sweet bite of tenderloin fillet on the other. We keep the rind on for extra succulence, and the option of crispy crackling. But if you prefer yours without, they're easy to trim. We love them roasted in the oven for half an hour or so with a hearty mix of sweet root vegetables. Available in packs of two (approx. total weight 650g).

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  • Diced best lamb pieces


    Our diced best lamb pieces served in chunky dice, our best lamb pieces are cut from the leg and shoulder and specially hand trimmed for leanness. Just the job for casseroles, curries, hotpots and stews. Sold in 500g packs.

  • Boneless lamb leg steaks x 2

    Our lean and succulent boneless lamb leg steaks are a satisfying weekday choice for lamb lovers who like a good-size serving but don’t want to spend ages cooking a joint. Like beef steaks, we think they’re best served pan fried, although they grill or roast very well, too. And our minted ones are great for the barbecue. See below for cooking tips. Sold in packs of 2 (approx. total weight 500g).
  • Lamb loin chops x 4


    Succulent loin chops are meaty on both sides of the bone, combining sweet loin muscle on one side with a nugget of juicy tenderloin on the other. They're best pan-fried or grilled. Allow around 6-8 minutes’ cooking time on each side, and use your fingertip to test how well done the meat is. The meat firms up as it cooks, so if you prefer them pinker, make sure they still have a bit of bounce. Sold in packs of 4 (approx. total weight 560g).