Welsh (42)

  • Free-range pork neck chops x 2 (560g)

    Even by the high standard of our local free-range pork, these well-marbled neck chops are exceptionally sweet and succulent. We sell them the old-fashioned way – thick cut, with the rind left on – for those who like their chops to have a bit of bite. Pam Hughes, who’s been running our deli counter for the past 20 years, is definitely a fan. “You can’t beat a free-range pork chop with crisp, crunchy crackling and a dollop of apple sauce,” she says. Available in packs of two (approx. total weight 560g).
  • Free-range pork mince (500g)

    It takes experience to produce pork mince of just the right consistency, with a good, tasty balance of lean meat to fat. We make ours using only hand-trimmed cuts of our local free-range pork – mostly leg and shoulder. And we mince the meat twice for a fine, even texture that's perfect for meatballs, burgers and classic pork pies. Available in 500g packs.
  • Rump steak

    The bigger muscles of the rump produce steaks that are firmer and less meltingly tender than fillet or sirloin, but make up for this in rich, meaty flavour. And because cattle have large rumps, there’s plenty of it, so these steaks are excellent value for money, too. A great all-rounder, rump steak is good pan fried, grilled, barbecued, or sliced into strips and served in fajitas and stir fries. Like all our boneless steaks, our rump steaks are sold individually in a choice of weights. Choose from our regular 225g (8oz) steak, hearty 280g (10oz) steak, indulgent 340g (12oz) steak, and mighty 600g (20oz) sharing steak. Or try our 500g packs of ready-sliced rump-steak strips.
  • Best beef mince

    We take pride in our mince, using hand-trimmed cuts of beef and just enough fat to add flavour and succulence. We mince the meat twice, so it has a fine, even texture – perfect for making Bolognese sauces, cottage pies and home-made burgers. Available in 500g packs. Buy 2.5kg (5 packs) and save!
  • Diced beef shin

    Our shin beef is packed with good old-fashioned flavour. And because it's one of the tougher cuts – from the hardworking muscles of the foreshank – it's good and cheap, too. Slow cooking in stews and casseroles gently breaks down the connective tissue, resulting in meltingly tender beef and rich, thick gravy. Ours comes hand trimmed and cut into generous dice ready for cooking. Available in 500g packs. Buy 2.5kg (5 packs) and save!
  • Free-range pork belly slices x 4 (560g)

    Our pork belly has a lovely rich flavour because it comes from local free-range pigs reared slowly on a varied, partly foraged diet. These generous slices are a good balance of lean meat to fat, and very versatile: try them slow roasted, barbecued or in aromatic Oriental dishes. Available in packs of four (approx. total weight 560g).
  • Diced chuck steak

    Our chuck steak is always popular, but particularly in the winter months, when our customers start making more warming stews and casseroles. Like most hardworking shoulder cuts, chuck steak is good value and full of flavour, but benefits from lower cooking temperatures and plenty of time. Ours is hand trimmed and cut into generous dice ready for cooking. Available in 500g packs. Buy 2.5kg (5 packs) and save!
  • Free-range pork & leek sausages x 6 (550g)

    We make these traditional Welsh favourites with fresh leeks and rich-tasting free-range pork from Forest Coalpit Farm just five miles from our door. We use hand-trimmed cuts – mostly leg and shoulder – and no squeaky bits. And we mince the meat twice for extra succulence, adding sweet blanched leeks plus a dash of warming spice to really round out the flavour.
  • Lamb, rosemary & thyme sausages x 6 (550g)

    We love the taste of roast lamb cooked with garlic and aromatic herbs. And these succulent sausages capture all of the flavour in a way that’s quick and easy to prepare for midweek meals. We make them by hand, using select cuts of our sweet local lamb. And we mince the meat twice for an even consistency, delicately seasoning it with garlic, herbs and just a hint of spice.
  • Beef & horseradish sausages x 6 (550g)

    We love a dab of fiery horseradish with our beef, so we've combined the two in these meaty sausages, mixing hand-trimmed cuts of our local 21-day dry-aged Welsh beef with warming spices and a generous dollop of Tracklements Strong Horseradish Cream. Full of rich, hearty flavour, they're perfect for barbecues and mixed grills, and delicious with sweet roasted root veg.
  • Free-range pork loin chops x 2 (650g)

    Our free-range pork loin chops are thick cut and really meaty. They're the pork equivalent of a T-bone, with the main loin muscle on one side of the bone, and a sweet bite of tenderloin fillet on the other. We keep the rind on for extra succulence, and the option of crispy crackling. But if you prefer yours without, it’s easy to cut off. We love them roasted in the oven for half an hour or so with a hearty mix of sweet root vegetables. Available in packs of two (approx. total weight 650g).
  • Free-range pork belly joint

    Served on the ribs, our free-range pork belly joints are substantial cuts offering the perfect balance of sweet, succulent meat to flavoursome fat. This is the ideal joint for people who like their roast pork meltingly tender, with lots of crackling. Pork belly needs plenty of time and a low oven temperature – essential for rendering the fat and tenderising the meat. And don’t forget to salt and blot the skin – which comes ready scored – for super-crispy crackling. See below for help choosing the right size joint.