Free-Range Hand of Pork


Our Free-Range Hand of Pork (actually the upper part of the pig’s foreleg) is an absolute bargain and our go-to choice for succulent slow-cooked pulled pork. It’s a really generous bone-in cut – typically 2-3kg – so you get a lot of meat for your money: perfect for bigger families or if you like plenty of leftovers. Just make sure you cook it low and slow for maximum succulence and flavour. For inspiration, check out these pulled pork recipes from the Love Pork people. Buy 2 and save!

Please note, we sell our Free-Range Hand of Pork as a whole cut rather than per kg, so there will be some natural variation in weight, depending on the size of the pig.

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How much do you need?

Customers often ask us how much meat they need to allow per person, so we’ve compiled this simple guide. Appetites vary of course, so you may need more if you’re feeding hungry teenagers or the local rugby team.
Boneless stewing cuts 180g (6oz) per person
Boneless joints 225g (½lb) per person, plus 450g (1lb)
Bone-in joints 340g (¾lb) per person

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