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  • Lamb & mint burger (120g/4oz)

    We make these succulent hand-pressed lamb & mint burgers using quality cuts of our tender local Welsh lamb, adding just a dash of seasoning and some zingy mint to bring out the natural sweetness of the meat. welsh icon
  • Lamb loin chops x 4

    Succulent loin chops are meaty on both sides of the bone, combining sweet loin muscle on one side with a nugget of juicy tenderloin on the other. They're best pan-fried or grilled. Allow around 6-8 minutes’ cooking time on each side, and use your fingertip to test how well done the meat is. The meat firms up as it cooks, so if you prefer them pinker, make sure they still have a bit of bounce. Sold in packs of 4 (approx. total weight 560g).
  • Diced best lamb pieces

    Served in chunky dice, our best lamb pieces are cut from the leg and shoulder and specially hand trimmed for leanness. Just the job for casseroles, curries, hotpots and stews. Sold in 500g packs.
  • Boneless lamb leg steaks x 2

    Our lean and succulent boneless lamb leg steaks are a satisfying weekday choice for lamb lovers who like a good-size serving but don’t want to spend ages cooking a joint. Like beef steaks, we think they’re best served pan fried, although they grill or roast very well, too. And our minted ones are great for the barbecue. See below for cooking tips. Sold in packs of 2 (approx. total weight 500g).
  • Boned & rolled lamb shoulder

    The perfect roasting joint: sweet and succulent Welsh lamb shoulder boned and rolled for easy carving. This cut is the favourite of Annie Morgan, on our deli counter, who roasts hers studded with garlic and rosemary. “The smell of it cooking brings back memories of helping my nana make fresh mint sauce to accompany it,” she says.
  • Best lamb mince

    We believe there’s an art to making mince. That’s why we use only hand-trimmed cuts, balancing them with just the right amount of fat to add flavour and succulence. Ours is made mostly from lamb shoulder, and minced twice to provide a lovely even-textured base for your moussakas, koftas and shepherd’s pies. Sold in 500g packs.
  • Leg of lamb

    The classic bone-in roasting leg of lamb joint from one of our local flocks: meaty, succulent and always tender. Our lamb legs come table trimmed, which means we remove the excess fat but leave enough to baste the meat naturally as it roasts. Sold as either a whole (2.2kg; 2.5kg) or half leg (1.2kg), it’s perfect with garlic, rosemary and a spoonful of mint sauce.
  • Barnsley chops x 2

    We think of this meaty prime cut as the lamb equivalent of a T-bone steak. It’s taken from a cross-section of the saddle, so it’s essentially a double loin chop. The cut may have originated in Yorkshire but ours are Welsh through and through, so they’re beautifully sweet and tender. Like any chops, they’re perfect pan fried or grilled, and they’re also good baked. Sold in packs of 2 (approx. total weight 480g).
  • Lamb noisettes

    Our super-sweet lamb noisettes are cut from the “best end” (neck) of the saddle, with each meaty 100g medallion made up of two tender boneless cutlets. Delicious pan fried or grilled. Or try our sumptuous 750g noisette joint – perfect roasted with a fragrant herb stuffing, and at its very best served pink.
  • Lamb cutlets x 4

    Tender Welsh lamb cutlets have always been a favourite in our family, especially with the children, who called them “chops with handles”. And our boys still love them, even though they’re grown up and working in the shop themselves now. Quick to cook either pan fried or under the grill, they’re also brilliant marinated and sizzled swiftly on the barbecue. Sold in packs of four (approx. total weight 520g).
  • Meat Lover’s Mixed Grill

    Our Meat Lover's Mixed Grill includes all the ingredients for a slap-up treat for one, including a choice of ale or lager – all for £15. Just add chips – and a hearty appetite! Here's what's in the box: • 1 x 180g local lamb steak • 1 x 180g local beef rump steak • 1 x 225g British gammon steak • 1 x 55g slice Cashells' black pudding • 1 x Cashells' thick pork sausage • 1 x large flat mushroom • 1 x tomato • 1 x Purple Moose Mwsh Kölsch-Style Lager (330ml) or 1 x Snowdonia Ale (500ml)
  • Rack of lamb (6 ribs)

    Cut from the “best end” of the saddle, these six-rib lamb racks are one of our bestsellers, and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they taste amazing – sweet and delicate – but they’re very versatile: quick to cook for a weekday meal, but special enough for guests. Ours come French trimmed for an elegant finish, and because we remove the backbone, they’re easy to divide up and serve. To roast, just score the fat lightly, season and pop into a preheated oven (200˚C/ fan 180˚C/gas 6) for half an hour or so. (Approx. weight 450g)
  • Shoulder of lamb

    Our whole and half shoulders of Welsh lamb are naturally succulent and make great-value roasting joints. Sold on the bone, we trim them carefully, leaving just enough flavoursome fat to ensure they stay moist while cooking. Lamb shoulder is best cooked lower and slower than leg of lamb. See below for timings for a traditional roast. Or try pulled lamb: cover the joint and roasting tray tightly with foil and allow an extra hour of cooking time. You’ll end up with perfectly tender lamb that falls off the bone and shreds easily – a delicious and easy alternative to carving.
  • Guard of honour

    Formed from two racks of lamb, our guard of honour makes a delicious and impressive-looking roast. The racks come French trimmed for an elegant finish, and because we remove the backbone they’re easy to divide up and serve. Simply stand the racks on their bases, interlacing the ribs to form an arch. Guard of honour can be cooked with a herb crust or stuffing filling, or simply seasoned and roasted. Just score the fat lightly, season and pop into a preheated oven (200˚C/fan 180˚C/gas 6) for half an hour or so. When cooked, allow to rest, and for a restaurant-style finish, top each rib with the mini paper chefs' hats that we’ve supplied. Choose from 12 or 14 ribs (approx. weight 900g or 1.05kg).
  • Crown roast

    Our succulent crown roast makes an impressive centrepiece for special occasions and comes with mini chefs’ hats for a professional finishing touch. It’s formed from two six- or seven-rib racks, French trimmed and tied together to give you 12 or 14 cutlets. And because we cut through the backbone between each cutlet, they’re easy to divide up and serve. Crown roast tastes best filled with a fruity or herby stuffing. Just fill the cavity, cover the stuffing and ribs with foil, and pop into a preheated oven (200˚C/fan 180˚C/gas 6) for around 40 minutes. When cooked, allow the crown to rest – and don’t forget to add the chefs’ hats before serving! Approx. weight 1.56kg (12 cutlets) or 1.82kg (14 cutlets).