British Rib-Eye Steaks x 2 (300g each)


Rib-Eye Steak is hands down our most popular steak cut – and it’s not hard to see why. The steaks are cut from the “eye” – the very best part – of the rib, close to the backbone, where the meat is naturally tender. And a rich marbling of fat bastes the meat as it cooks, adding succulence and flavour. Our premium 300g British Rib-Eyes are expertly matured for 28 days for a really rich, beefy taste. We like them best pan-fried and served medium-rare, but they’re a real treat on the barbecue, too, especially with one of our lush marinades. Sold in packs of 2 (approx. total weight 600g).

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Steak cooking tips

How to cook your steak

  • Our favourite way to cook steak is to pan fry it. The thicker the steak, the more time it will need, but as a rough guide, we’d suggest these timings for a 2cm-thick steak:
    Rare: About 1½ mins each side
    Medium: About 2-2½ mins each side
    Well done: About 4-5 minutes each side
  • Take the steak out of the fridge 20 minutes before you’re ready to cook it so that it can reach room temperature. This helps ensure it cooks more evenly.
  • Choose a pan with a thick, solid base to conduct the heat properly – cast-iron skillets are ideal. Turn the heat to high and get the pan very hot.
  • Rub the steak with a little groundnut or rapeseed oil, but wait until you’re ready to put the meat in the pan before seasoning it. Otherwise the salt will draw out the juices, which can make the meat dry.
  • Carefully place the steak in the hot pan. Avoid moving it around as this will allow it to develop a rich caramelised crust. It also seals the meat, helping to keep the juices inside.
  • Gently prodding the meat with your finger will give you an idea of how ‘done’ it is. Steaks become firmer as they cook, so a rare steak will feel quite soft and spongy, a medium one will be soft and springy, and if it’s firmer, it’s more well done.
  • Let your steak rest on a warm plate for 5 minutes before serving. This will allow the juices to settle and help keep it succulent.
  • Large bone-in steaks, such as T-bones don’t always cook evenly in the pan, and can be undercooked around the bone. Try finishing them with an extra 10 minutes in a preheated oven (200˚C/fan 180˚C/gas mark 6).

Grilling & barbecuing

  • If you prefer to grill your steak, use the timings above as a guide.For barbecuing, we suggest the following timings for a 2cm-thick steak:
    Rare: 2-3 minutes each side
    Medium: 4-5 minutes each side
    Well done: 5-6 minutes each side

Product ingredients / allergens

Gluten Free Coffee & Black Pepper Marinade
Ingredients: Rapeseed Oil, Spices (contains Mustard Seed), Salt, Table Mustard (water, Mustard Seed, Brandy, Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Spices, Natural Flavourings), Natural Flavourings, Palm Fat, Sugar, Caramel.

Gluten Free Red Chilli Marinade
Ingredients: Rapeseed Oil, Spices, Salt, Palm Fat, Flavourings, Dextrose, Yeast Extract.

Gluten Free Texas Marinade
Ingredients: Rapeseed Oil, Spices, Salt, Palm Fat, Dextrose, Natural Flavourings.

Gluten Free Whiskey & Black Pepper Marinade
Ingredients: Rapeseed Oil, Spices Sugar, Salt, Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, Palm Fat, Smoke, Spice Extracts, Acidity Regulator: E330 Citric Acid.

Allergy advice: for allergens see ingredients in bold.

Prepared on a site that handles Milk, Soya, Nuts, Wheat, Mustard, Celery and Sulphites.


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