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  • Best beef mince

    We take pride in our mince, using hand-trimmed cuts of beef and just enough fat to add flavour and succulence. We mince the meat twice, so it has a fine, even texture – perfect for making Bolognese sauces, cottage pies and home-made burgers. Sold in 500g packs. Buy 2.5kg or 4.5kg and save!
  • Sirloin steak

    Fine-grained and edged with a layer of rich, buttery fat, it’s easy to see why sirloin steaks are so popular. They’re cut from the back of the animal, between the fillet and the rib, and combine tenderness with real depth of flavour. They’re versatile, too: perfect pan fried, grilled or as the highlight of a barbecue. Our sirloin steaks are dry aged on the bone for a full 28 days, and sold individually. Choose from our classic 225g (8oz) steak, hearty 280g (10oz) steak, or our indulgent 340g (12oz) steak.
  • British rib-eye steaks x 2

    Rib-eye steak is hands down our most popular steak cut – and it's not hard to see why. The steaks are cut from the "eye" – the very best part – of the rib, close to the backbone, where the meat is naturally tender. And a rich marbling of fat bastes the meat as it cooks, adding succulence and flavour. Our 250g British rib-eyes are expertly matured for 28 days for a really rich, beefy taste. We like them best pan-fried and served medium-rare, but they're a real treat on the barbecue, too, especially with one of our lush marinades. Sold in packs of 2 (approx. total weight 500g).
  • Rump steak

    The bigger muscles of the rump produce steaks that are firmer and less meltingly tender than fillet or sirloin, but make up for this in rich, meaty flavour. And because cattle have large rumps, there’s plenty of it, so these steaks are excellent value for money, too. A great all-rounder, rump steak is good pan fried, grilled, barbecued, or sliced into strips and served in fajitas and stir fries. Like all our boneless steaks, our rump steaks are sold individually in a choice of weights. Choose from our regular 225g (8oz) steak, hearty 280g (10oz) steak, indulgent 340g (12oz) steak, and mighty 600g (20oz) sharing steak. Or try our 500g packs of ready-sliced rump-steak strips.
  • Fillet steak

    Fillet is the ultimate luxury steak: lean, fine grained and exceptionally tender. It comes from a relatively small oval-shaped muscle that runs along the spine. Compared with other muscles, it doesn't have to work very hard and that's why the meat's so tender. Sliced into thick, juicy steaks, this delicately flavoured cut needs very little cooking and almost melts in the mouth, making it a great choice for special occasions. Like all our boneless steaks, our fillet steaks are hand trimmed and sold individually. Choose from our elegant 168g (6oz) steak, classic 225g (8oz) steak, or our hearty 280g (10oz) steak. We also sell larger pieces of centre-cut beef fillet - perfect for making beef Wellington. See below for our steak cooking tips.
  • Topside roasting joint

    This is the classic Sunday roasting joint, and always in great demand by our local hotels. It’s a naturally tender cut from the lean inner thigh of the animal, and is full of traditional, beefy flavour. We roll and tie ours with a cap of flavoursome fat, to keep the meat moist as it cooks. Really hits the spot served pink with Yorkshire puddings and a dollop of horseradish sauce.
  • Beef & onion burger (120g/4oz)

    We make these succulent hand-pressed beef quarter pounders using quality cuts of our richly flavoured local Welsh beef, adding just a touch of onion and seasoning to bring out the natural savouriness of the meat. welsh icon
  • Diced best beef pieces

    Our best beef pieces come from top-quality cuts, including topside, silverside and frying steak and are specially hand trimmed for leanness. Because they're so lean and full of flavour, they're a great choice for steak pies and puddings, or for casseroles and stews with shorter cooking times. Available in 500g packs. Buy 2.5kg (5 packs) and save!
  • Boned & rolled beef brisket

    Cut from the breast, brisket is a great-value joint that needs time to bring out its rich succulence and flavour. A classic slow-cook cut, it becomes meltingly tender when simmered for a couple of hours as a pot roast. And it’s not just a winter warmer: when summer comes, a lot of our customers buy it to marinate in smoky spices and cook slowly on the barbecue.
  • Diced beef shin

    Our diced beef shin is packed with good old-fashioned flavour. And because it's one of the tougher cuts – from the hardworking muscles of the foreshank – it's good and cheap, too. Slow cooking in stews and casseroles gently breaks down the connective tissue, resulting in meltingly tender beef and rich, thick gravy. Ours comes hand trimmed and cut into generous dice ready for cooking. Sold in 500g packs. Buy 2.5kg or 4.5kg and save!
  • Classic Roast Beef Box

    Our Classic Roast Beef Box brings together everything you need for a traditional Sunday roast, with a succulent 1kg joint of our lovely local Welsh beef, all the veg you need to turn it into a feast, and your choice of Tracklements' Strong English Mustard or Strong Horseradish Cream. All for £20. • 1kg local Welsh beef roasting joint (topside or silverside) • 2.25kg potatoes • 2 x parsnips • swede • bunched carrots • cauliflower • broccoli • pack of fine green beans • 140g jar Tracklements Strong English Mustard or Strong Horseradish Cream Photo for illustration only. Vegetable selection may vary according to availability.
  • T-bone steak

    Our T-bone steak is the classic choice for hearty appetites: a combination of meltingly tender fillet and succulent sirloin together in one very generous serving. Our 28-day-aged T-bones are always in high demand with customers at The Carpenters Arms in Walterstone, near Abergavenny, where they top the speciality steak menu. We sell them in a choice of 500g (17oz) and 600g (20oz) weights, and recommend searing them in a hot pan then finishing them in the oven. But you can also serve them pan fried or grilled – and they're great on the barbecue, too. See below for more tips.
  • Tomahawk steak

    Weighing in at around 650g, the tomahawk is our biggest and most impressive-looking steak. Named for its axe-like appearance, it’s actually a large, well-marbled rib-eye served on the bone, which we French-trim for an elegant finish. Tomahawk steaks are increasingly popular in restaurants, and ours are aged for a full 28 days so they're big on flavour, too. Given their generous size, tomahawk steaks are perfect for sharing, though they're also great for hearty appetites. Because of their thickness and size, we recommend searing them in a hot pan then finishing them in the oven. But you can also serve them pan fried or grilled – and they're great on the barbecue, too. See below for more tips.
  • Beef stroganoff

    Our rich beef stroganoff comes ready to cook, with tender steak strips mixed with sliced mushrooms, peppers and courgettes in a creamy mushroom sauce finished with a sprinkling of tangy chopped gherkins.
  • Rolled sirloin

    This is a truly superior roasting joint, with a tender texture and wonderfully rich flavour. This is thanks in part to our 28-day dry ageing process, but also because of sirloin’s natural balance of well-marbled muscle to flavoursome fat. And it’s this cap of fat that helps ensure the meat stays moist and succulent as it cooks.
  • Beef stir fry

    Our ready-to-cook beef stir fry combines tender steak strips and colourful fresh vegetables in a vibrant tomato-based sauce with warming hints of chilli, garlic and ginger.