Diced Best Beef Pieces


Our Diced Best Beef Pieces come from top-quality cuts, including topside, silverside and frying steak and are specially hand trimmed for leanness. Because they’re so lean and full of flavour, they’re a great choice for steak pies and puddings, or for casseroles and stews with shorter cooking times. Available in 500g packs. Buy 2.5kg and save!

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How much do you need?

Customers often ask us how much meat they need to allow per person, so we’ve compiled this simple guide. Appetites vary of course, so you may need more if you’re feeding hungry teenagers or the local rugby team.

Boneless stewing cuts: 180g (6oz) per person
Boneless joints: 225g (8oz) per person, plus 450g (1lb)
Bone-in joints: 340g (12oz) per person

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